• lose fat without fad dieting
  • add lean mass and get stronger
  • optimize your athletic performance
  • stop obsessing over which diet is best
  • better your relationship with your body
  • put an end to habits such as emotional eating
  • be more active, sleep more, and feel more energetic
  • compete in an endurance, physique, or strength sports event
  • improve your health markers and decrease your risk of disease
  • learn how to prepare wholesome foods, no matter how busy you are

As your nutrition and fitness coach, I educate and empower you to reach your body composition, sports performance, and health goals. I use an approach that is body positive and habit-focused, and which honors your lifestyle and preferences. My approach is also sustainable: I don't see any value in quick fixes if their results don't last and you soon find yourself where you were (or worse off than) when you started. 

I view coaching as a partnership, and a partnership works best when there is plenty of communication. For this reason I check in with my clients frequently to assess their progress and make changes to their action plan when necessary. My clients also receive lifetime access to my secret Facebook group, where we talk about food, recipes, workouts, and generally support each other.


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