Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I thought cardio is the best way to burn calories. Why do you recommend training with weights? 

A: The reasons to strength train go way beyond burning calories (though training with weights does boost the metabolism, leading to an increase in the calories you burn at rest!). Resistance training is not only excellent for fat loss, it also helps to allay age-related decreases in muscle mass, it greatly benefits ones' joints and bones, it builds confidence, and it aids in the reduction of anxiety and depression. 

Q: Can I just work out with dumbbells? Training with barbells seems really intimidating. 

A: Barbell training can definitely seem scary if you've never done it before. But I am here to help you learn how to lift safely and effectively, so soon you'll won't feel intimidated anymore. Barbells allow us to do compound exercises (such as squats, deadlifts, bench and overhead presses) that work many more muscle groups than dumbbells. Focusing on barbell training allows us to maximize the benefits of resistance training in the most time- efficient manner; It will also allow us to easily quantify your progression as you work toward your goals. 

Q: What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

A: Your body is comprised of lean mass (including muscle, bone, and water) and fat. You can lose weight that is lean mass, but this can have negative health consequences and generally won’t result in you being happy with the way your body looks. Fat loss is what most people are after when they say weight loss. So when I make recommendations for weight loss, my goal is to help you to preserve as much of your lean mass as possible while you lose fat.

Q: Are you going to give me a list of foods I am allowed to eat and a list of foods I need to avoid? 

A: No. I don’t believe in the concept of “good” and “bad” foods. I encourage you to eat what you like.

Q: I see people on social media talking about macros a lot. Are you going to calculate my macros for me?

A: Maybe: this will depend on your goals.

Q: How long do you think it will take for me to see results?

A: I can’t guarantee results within a certain time period. It really depends on your goals and your level of compliance. The more specific your goals are, the most accurate and consistent you will need to be to reach them.

Q: Can’t you just give me a meal plan? Thinking about what to eat is just too much work.

A: I don’t design meal plans because while they may help temporarily they don’t teach you much about nutrition or self-efficacy.  Also: Meal plans are technically the realm of Registered Dietitians (RDs). 

Q: What is Body recomposition?

A:  Body recomposition is the process of losing some fat while gaining some muscle. This can be done simultaneously (and may take some time) or in different fat loss and muscle gain phases (a faster process). The end result can be a small (or zero) change in the scale but a big difference in how your body looks.

Q: Will gaining muscle mean that I gain weight? 

Maybe, but this is not necessarily a bad thing! People often love the way their body looks with more muscle. Muscle is healthy, metabolically active tissue. So having more muscle means you burn more calories at rest; more muscle is also useful for sports performance.

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